Stimpson Record

The Stimpson Less-Government, More Liberty Record

Many talk a good game on “limited government” but never actually do it. Stafford County Board of Supervisors Chairman Susan Stimpson has. Susan “talks the talk” AND “walks the walk” on limited government. To Susan, limiting government means actually rolling back government bureaucracy, staff levels, spending and taxes. It means dismantling the state and local government largess the left has built over decades. Here are some highlights of Susan’s record of really limiting government.

  • Cut overall real-estate taxes 3 years in a row, 7 cents below the equalized rate ($11M)
  • Abolished the business tax (BPOL)
  • Reduced the boat tax
  • Zero’d out the Rt 17 tax district
  • Eliminated Falmouth/George Washington District Impact Fees
  • In 2010, 2nd consecutive budget less than the year before (not done since 1965)
  • Rolled back general admin staff to 2004 levels

Over the same time, Stafford County leads Virginia in job growth and business growth and received a bond rating upgrade by Standard and Poor’s.
“Many Republicans talk about limited government and that’s a good thing. But as a Party, we haven’t fully delivered. While I am thrilled Republicans have captured the Governor’s Mansion, and control both houses of the General Assembly, we need to do more. The state is now generating surpluses. It’s time to cut state spending and return the surpluses to the taxpayer. As the next Virginia LT Governor, I will LEAD on really limiting government, cutting spending and taxes and bringing more liberty and opportunity to all Virginians.” — LT. Gov candidate and Stafford BOS Chairman Susan Stimpson

Stimpson’s Positions on issues:

  • 100% pro-life and will lead on the life issue
  • 100% defender of gun rights, including “constitutional carry”
  • Will lead to achieve School Choice through tax credits, including home-schoolers
  • Will lead to achieve real reductions in state spending
  • Will lead to achieve real tax cuts for Virginia families and small businesses